Our societies are facing, more than ever, an urge to unite and gather people around the world, from different societies and cultures. People who question the patriarchal status quo and believe in a life, whether they already live it or not, free from barriers.  No matter what their cultural, geographical or social background is, these people aspire to create safe spaces of freedom in exploration of their identities and gender, beyond what society is telling them.

Our current times witnesses the spread of dogmas - against freedom, inclusivity, multiplicity, and trying to pierce these safe spaces where people question the statu quo of the system. While so many of us long for being able to explore who they are. We need to rally, as bubbles all around the world, from the queer and intersectional feminists movements in the US, LGBTQA activists in Middle East and Africa, gender advocates in Brazil, transexuals in India to white heterosexual men who don’t want to conform the toxic masculinity norms, or artists in Berlin exploring gender barriers through performances and positive sexuality. We need to share our stories and expose our narratives to build a shared reality that goes beyond our own bubbles.

Hyper-Gender is an umbrella to connect people around the world questioning the patriarchal neoliberal system, and wanting to do something towards gender equality, women empowerment and against toxic masculinity. We must stand for our ideas and unite beyond labels and binaries around one concept.